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Air quality is an ongoing concern in any type of commercial building. Mold is a leading cause of respiratory problems, skin irritations, and general health issues that include headaches, chronic coughs, itchy eyes, skin rashes, and other medical issues. Some types of indoor mold growth can also result in chronic headaches, feelings of exhaustion, and allergic reactions. Mold exposure can be particularly dangerous for individuals who are immunocompromised.

Though it is common for excess water, high moisture levels, and water damage to be the cause of mold issues, that is not always the case. Aside from health hazards, mold damage can also cause structural damage for commercial buildings. 

Aqua Restoration specializes in mold remediation services for commercial properties. Our professional team understands the importance of quick, effective, and complete removal of mold from your business or workplace. Our licensed mold remediation specialists can assess the situation and create a customized plan to eradicate visible mold growth and hidden mold colonies.

Removing Mold and Contaminated Materials

The commercial mold remediation process is more than just basic cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces. We remove the mold spores and also address the issues of contaminated mold-infested materials that cannot be effectively cleaned.

For example, mold removal would include cleaning the surface of walls, floors, or ceilings after a flood. Mold remediation may include removing and replacing some of those surfaces if the mold is deeply embedded and cannot be effectively removed using chemical treatments.


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Without commercial mold remediation services, businesses, multi-family dwellings, warehouses, industrial buildings, or even retail and office spaces will find mold problems continue to occur. In addition, ongoing mold removal becomes costly, which is why complete mold remediation is the lowest cost and most effective option.

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