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Burst pipes, heavy rains, cracks in the foundation, drain backups, sump pump failure, or even poor drainage away from the home can lead to flooding in your Loveland, CO, home. Depending on where the water enters the home, it may not be immediately noticed, which increases the need for repairs and the amount of water damage. Untreated water damage can also increase the risk of structural damage in the home.

Aqua Restoration is a local water damage restoration service company that specializes in both commercial and residential water damage restoration. Our technicians are trained in the best methods to remove excess water from your home and provide a customized method to effectively dry your home, removing even hidden moisture. Upon arrival we will immediately begin the drying process and assess the level of water damage or flood damage. We provide complete residential water damage clean up from start to finish in order to sanitize and clean your home. Our experienced team assesses any areas with mold or potential for mold development, and provide mold removal or mold damage prevention services, helping you to keep your home mold-free.

When to Call Aqua Restoration

When you suspect any type of water damage present from even a small water leak, or experience a flood, it’s best to call our water damage restoration company in Loveland, CO, right away. In studies, mold growth can be found on drywall well before 48 hours after exposure to water, which is why the sooner the restoration process begins, the better. In basements in and around the area, small leaks in the foundation of the home may have provided an opportunity for mold to develop, which increases the risk of mold spores spreading throughout the house.

The teams at Aqua Restoration arrive at your home with industrial water extraction systems to remove the surface and visible water. We then use powerful commercial dryers and dehumidifiers to completely dry flooring, walls, and furniture to stop the development of mold colonies.

As part of our residential professional water damage restoration services, we clean and disinfect your home to help eradicate mold colonies. This leaves your home safe and mold-free while also reducing the risk of future mold remediation services. We can also work with your insurance company to assist with your insurance claim.

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