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The Importance Of Emergency Services for Mold Removal

Mold is a serious issue that impacts the health and wellness of people of all ages. Mold is found in both new and older homes and commercial buildings, but it is most commonly found after water damage to the interior of the building. Removing mold from your home or business and beginning the mold restoration process as soon as possible should be a priority. Exposure to mold may cause respiratory problems, increased asthma attacks, skin rashes and irritation, nausea, and a variety of other symptoms.

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Aqua Restoration has an experienced team of licensed mold remediation contractors

Even though mold is most likely to present itself after a flood or water damage, those are not the only causes and can be commonly found in any home or commercial building. Our emergency mold remediation and mold removal services can help to prevent the spread of mold spores throughout the building. We will provide a deep cleaning of the affected area, including water removal and odor removal, as well as water damage restoration services when necessary. Aqua Restoration has an experienced team of licensed mold remediation contractors providing services throughout the Loveland and Northern Colorado area for home and commercial property owners.

The Process of Emergency Mold Removal

For emergency services, we ensure a speedy response time any time of day so that we can be there to help when disaster strikes. In addition to complete mold removal and mold remediation to prevent mold growth in the future and alleviate any health concerns. We will also work with your insurance company and provide insurance claim assistance to help make the process easier for you.
To begin the restoration process, we will send a team of licensed and certified professionals, specializing in mold removal, testing, and remediation. Our team identifies the specific mold issues in the home or business and develops a customized plan to remove existing mold, clean and sanitize the space, and ensure that any or all sources of water leaks are addressed so that it does not grow back.

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determine the best steps

Aqua Restoration provides emergency mold testing to determine the best steps moving forward. We have the advanced equipment necessary to provide comprehensive mold removal services and complete the restoration process from start to finish. Our mold testing services can be completed at any time, but they are essential after a flood or water damage to the home or business. We can also work with your insurance company to help you with the insurance claim process.

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Time is critical as the longer mold is allowed to remain on surfaces, the more the spores can spread and remain dormant, waiting to grow when exposed to moisture. 

For the best in emergency mold removal in the Loveland and Northern Colorado area, call on the professionals at Aqua Restoration.

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