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Lead paint in houses and businesses is a safety concern for any property owner. It is particularly important to inspect your property for lead if it was built and painted prior to 1978. This is the year that lead-based paints were federally banned for use in homes, and although some states banned the use of lead paint well before that date, Colorado was not one of the early adopters of this safety measure. 

Though the safety risks of lead-based paint are widely agreed upon, it has still been used on rare occasions even after 1978, in both homes and businesses, as some contractors continued to use lead paint in residential and commercial properties after the ban. Due to wide usage of lead paint prior to 1978, it is very likely that older homes contain lead paint. 

The Importance of Testing

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Aqua Restoration is a certified lead abatement contractor in the Fort Collins, CO, and Northern Colorado area. We perform lead testing and abatement services to protect homeowners from exposure to lead-based paint hazards and lead dust in the home. As lead inspection contractors who also offer top-tier lead mitigation services, we follow all prescribed EPA procedures to eliminate the presence of lead paint and building materials in your home to ensure the safety of you and your family. Our goal as lead abatement contractors is to create a safe living environment for everyone in your home or property. Our experienced, professional, and licensed technicians can safely remove lead-based paints and materials, completely eliminating lead and lead dust from your residence or business. For more information on our lead mitigation and abatement services, get in touch with us at

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