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There are many ways to protect your home and business from a variety of different types of damage. No matter where you are, water damage and even flooding are concerns to take seriously and can cause considerable damage to homes and businesses. 

Aqua Restoration in Loveland, CO, is one of the leading waterproofing contractors in the area. We provide customized interior and exterior waterproofing jobs to protect your basement, foundation walls and crawl space from structural damage caused by water damage and leaks. We offer the best in preventative waterproofing options to match the materials, building design, and even the drainage around the building to help keep your home or commercial property dry and free from costly leaks.

Preventative Residential and Commercial Waterproofing Services

Our commercial and residential waterproofing services provide years of protection from the damage of water.

The effects of water on your home are never something to take lightly. Our commercial and residential waterproofing services provide years of protection from the damage of water. Our residential and commercial waterproofing contractors provide top-tier basement waterproofing solutions to protect basement floors from water intrusion and prevent any need for structural repairs. Water repellents can be especially helpful to avoid wet basements due to anything from leaky washing machines or naturally caused flooding. are preventative in nature, helping to eliminate the risk of water entering the business or the home.


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If you have signs of mold in your basement, crawl spaces, or foundation, or have cracks or irregularities in the basement walls, our experts can assess the problem, provide mold remediation and removal, and recommend the ideal waterproofing solution. As your trusted residential and commercial waterproofing company in Loveland, CO, Aqua Restoration can handle any waterproofing project with diligence and efficiency. Allowing our experienced professionals to inspect your property and make recommendations for effective solutions can assist you in preventing any further water damage. To schedule an appointment, give us a call at 970-966-8730.

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