Asbestos Inspection and Mitigation

Certified Asbestos Inspection, Removal, And Mitigation Services

Older commercial and residential buildings throughout Loveland, CO, and Fort Collins, CO may be plagued with asbestos containing materials. In some cases, asbestos in the insulation or other building materials may not need to be removed if it is contained and there are no remodeling, demolition, or renovations planned.

However, if you are planning on making any changes to your home or business, asbestos testing and assessment should be completed before any work begins. Disturbing asbestos creates a serious and significant risk to the health of anyone coming into the area. The same is also true if there is damage or decay to the asbestos containing material that is causing flaking, crumbling, or fraying.

Aqua Restoration Provides Asbestos Inspection and Mitigation

Aqua Restoration is your local provider of the certified removal of asbestos. This includes both residential asbestos removal and commercial asbestos mitigation services. As your go-to asbestos removal contractors, we complete the inspection and testing of all questionable materials. We then develop an approved plan to provide safe, effective, and complete removal of the asbestos materials from your home or business. It’s our pleasure to take the time to answer all of your questions and, when possible, work with home and business owners to ensure the process offers minimal disruption. Our professional asbestos removal services follow all recommendations and requirements to offer a safe process in eliminating the presence of asbestos material from your home or business. Exposure to asbestos can cause significant health hazards, which is why it is important for homeowners and building owners to understand the health risks of completing renovation projects without consulting an asbestos specialist. To find out more about the risks of asbestos or to schedule an inspection for your home or building in Northern Colorado, call us today at

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